Q.  What is an LX Session?

A.  LX is short for Lavender Express.  An LX Session is our biggest Summer Portrait event.  The event is held at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, at the peak of lavender season.  The sessions are 30 minutes each, which will give you between 20 & 60 beautiful images 


Q.  Who are LX Sessions for?

A.  LX Sessions (like all our sessions) are for families & couples who love to have fun, wanting more than they could ever get from a traditional in & out studio portrait.  


Q.  Does LX include Traditional Portraits?
 Absolutely!  You will get beautiful traditionally posed portraits.  These are most often the images you choose to display prominently in your home, as well as share with family


Q.  So then, what is a ‘traditional in & out studio portrait’?
 15 minutes, a screaming child, portraits with tears, and when your done, or even while you wait, you can shop for a new pair of jeans, or perhaps a lawn mower.  Many of us have had these experiences, at a nearby clothing store, or at the mall, with one of the many national studio chains.   So, unless capturing the moment of purchasing a brand new  54", 25HP Zero-Turn Riding Mower, or another trip to trip to the mall, this probably isnt the best place to have your family's portraits taken :)


Q.  What’s so bad about that?
 Um… nothing if you don’t want to have fun :)  Seriously though - Unfortunately no matter how hard they try - there is absolutely no way to mass-produce and package art!  Don’t forget - you are unique; your family is one of a kind.  So why should your portraits be any different?  Just like beautiful art, so are you!


Q.  Is there a limit on the number of family members for an LX Session?
 Nope.  However if you have more than 7, we suggest you consider booking an additional session time to make sure we get all those beautiful smiles captured!


Q.  Why should I sign up now?
  … Instead of waiting until June?  Last year almost all the available time slots were booked before the end of March.  Obviously waiting is not a good idea.  Also, each month the price goes up.  So that’s another reason to book now… instead of waiting.


These days, more and more, families realize that the traditional in & out studio portrait sessions isn’t going to capture who your family really is.  When families want portraits that tell a story, capturing way more than what they look like, they choose Robert Everton Photography.  So whether you’re doing your first family portrait, or perhaps just catching up… Now is the time to schedule your session.  


Of course if being photographed in a field of Lavender, isn’t your thing – don’t worry, we can photograph your family anywhere!  Please be sure to ask us about our Spring Portrait Sessions, as well!

Booking dates are in June, and limited.  LX Sessions are on special for $99 (reg. $199), for the entire month of February.

To book your session, simply contact us by email - hello@roberteverton.com, or phone - (703) 789-7732.

*Entrance to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, is included with your paid LX Session

...what is LX?

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